Thursday, February 5, 2015

Important Facts On Vaporizing & E-cig Mods

Vaporizing is something that is taking the world by storm. Though the subject has been in the news a lot there are still facts about it that not everyone knows. The main focus on vaporizing has been the fact that many people who smoke traditional cigarettes have switched to electronic cigarettes with vaporizers in an attempt to quit smoking all together. This has brought about mixed results for many. 

Statistics show that 70% of those who smoke have a desire to quit doing so. Of the 70% of smokers who want to quit, reportedly 42% have tried to over the course of the past year.
According to a study conducted by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine of those who smoke using a vaporizer 32% of them managed to kick the habit within six months. The study found that 70% of all frequent electronic cigarette smokers, that is to say, those who smoked over 20 a day, managed to use the electronic cigarettes to get themselves to quit smoking for good. 
A smaller percentage of smokers have tried electronic cigarettes and box mods but ultimately switched back to traditional ones. Of those who switched back, 29% did so because they were uncomfortable with the fact that not much is known about the long term effects of smoking electronic cigarettes. This is also the reason many smokers would rather avoid using a vaporizer, as it has not yet been fully determined what side effects vaping can cause. Much of the reason behind this is that anti- smoking groups have misled people on the dangers of vaping. 
Proof that there are many widely unknown facts about electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers lies in the fact that not everyone realizes that an electronic cigarette is a very small vaporizer. Another fact not everyone realizes is that electronic cigarettes do not lead to second hand vapor. When one smokes an electronic cigarette those around them inhale 10 times less nicotine than they would with traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes and box mod vapes are proven to not cause those around a smoker to be subjected to inhaling dangerous chemicals. 
Though many people don’t realize it or don’t believe it, smoking electronic cigarettes is almost always less expensive than smoking traditional ones. After the initial purchase of the electronic cigarette itself all smokers have to do is purchase additional e-cigarette liquids as needed and these liquids are generally cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. The amount of nicotine in e-cigarette liquid can be controlled by the user, which makes this a very desirable alternative to traditional cigarettes for many smokers. 

The liquid used in both electronic cigarettes and box mods have only four ingredients in it, and three of them are not harmful to a person’s health. The four ingredients e-cigarette liquids have are Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene glycol, food grade flavoring and of course, nicotine. Vegetable Glycerin is an ingredient in toothpaste as well. Propylene is a safe solvent and food grade flavoring is simply what is used to make candy and bake desserts.


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