Thursday, January 22, 2015

Quick Overview of Mechanical Vape Mods


      Mechanical vape mods are a very simple product with a very simple concept. They are nothing more than a tube that has a button attached to it which is used to hold a re-chargeable battery that is easily replaced. A typical mechanical vape mod includes a screw at the bottom and one at the top. The one located on the top comes in contact with the atomizer as well as the positive end of the battery. The one located on the bottom comes in contact with the battery’s negative end. Pressing the switch on a mechanical version is all it takes to send a current to the atomizer that result in the release of vapor.

      Using a mechanical vape kit is common among those who prefer to use a re-buildable atomizers. Other types of vape mods are not as convenient as the mechanical vaporizer. This type of vape mod is also good for providing low resistance vaping. Unlike other types of vaping mods, mechanical ones don’t drain the battery very fast. They don’t have the limitations other types such as the box mod vapes. The resistance of the object does not negatively affect its ability to fire up the e-liquids that cause the vape released from an electronic cigarette. However, because mechanical vape is a low resistance machine it has a tendency to put an increased amount of stress on the battery compared to other types of units. Low resistance vaping always has the ability to lead to the battery dying which which is the last thing anyone wants.


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