Sunday, May 17, 2015

How To Buy The Right Vaporizer

Buying a vaporizer isn’t as easy as walking into the supermarket and buying a bag of sugar. There are a lot of different types and varieties and shopping for a vape can get to be overwhelming if you’re a beginner. Buying the right vaporizer comes down to personal preference, but there are some basic things you should know that will at least get you on the 
right path to getting the vaporizer that is best for you. 
The Four Types of Vaporizers:
Vaporizers can be divided into 1 of 4 types.
The first type is the Basic Vaporizer or the EGO. This personal vaporizer is usually sought out because of their travel convenience. They’re small enough to put in your pocket or purse. Additionally, their batteries last longer in between charges. Some varieties of basic vaporizers also offer adjustable voltage. These are best for the beginner vaper who is possibly coming right off of smoking in an attempt to stop using cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes that you see in pharmacies or health stores are usually of the EGO variety
The next type of personal vaporizer is the Advanced Personal Vaporizer or the “MOD” as they are called in most circles. Vape mods are usually used by people who have found that they are really into vaping as a hobby and want a bit more control over the experience. Mods allow you to adjust the power behind your vape and also let you create those large vapor clouds that people enjoy to see. Mods come with a number of safety features that protect you from misuse. It does take a bit of a higher technical level to operate a box mod. You’ll have to become familiar with terms like wattage, voltage, and ohm so that you can perfectly customize your experience. As you play around with the different settings, you’ll find what’s best for you. Mods come in a number of max power levels (measured in Wattage). For example, a 50W Mod operates at up to 50W.
If you want even more control over your vaping experience, you could go with a mechanical mod or Mech Mod. Mech mods are for the vaping enthusiast who want to get very customized with their experience. Having and operating a mech mod requires a lot of experience and understanding of the technical aspects of vaping. While box mods have a digital screen that lets you know what level you’re vaping at, you build mech mods on your own to your own personal preferences.

The last type of vaporizer is the Herbal or “Loose Leaf” Vaporizer. While most vapes operate using liquid, also called e-liquid to turn into vape, the Herbal Vaporizer enables you to use essential oils or loose leaf herbs to vape. They are known to deliver less tar and toxins allowing you to get a more pure, arguably healthy vapor intake. People who use loose leaf herbs tend to go for this vaporizer so that they are getting the medicinal part of the vapor without all of the extra. Others prefer this vaporizer because you can use the essential oils that have long been believed to have aromatic healing properties.
Before buying a vaporizer it’s important to ask yourself why you’re going to be vaping and what you want to get out of it. If you’re making the transition from cigarettes to vaporizing, then your best bet is to go with an EGO model first. It’ll introduce you to vaping, and you won’t have to make much of a financial investment.
If you enjoy vaping and are aching to customize your experience by increasing the heat and flavor while making some impressive clouds, then you could set up to a box mod. With just a little bit of terminology studying, you’ll be well versed to use this.
Experienced vapers who want to really get technical with this as a hobby can go for a Mech Mod.
Those who are primarily looking to vape loose herbs and essential oils would be best suited to the loose leaf vaporizer.
There’s no right or wrong answer to which vaporizer you should buy, but just be sure you don’t jump right into the advanced level before you know exactly what you’re doing. The risk is pretty extreme.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

How Box Mods Have Changed the Vaporizer As We Know It

People who have adopted the latest and greatest method of quitting smoking know how beneficial vaporizers can be. Instead of burning nicotine, a vaporizer does just that; vaporizes. Many believe this to be far less dangerous than burning. The vaporizer is good enough as it is, but there are some downfalls to vaporizers that can make them a little challenging.
You can think of it almost like buying a stock car. It works perfectly fine- it gets you from points A to B, but some of the conveniences may be missing. For example, a USB adapter so that you can play your favorite music, or a DVD player for the kids to keep entertained. Perhaps you wanted power locks. All of these things can be purchased as upgrades. The same goes for vaporizers.

People who have a passion for vaporizing and a talent in engineering have taken the “stock” model of vaporizers and boosted their functionality and convenience levels. One of the biggest complaints that people have about vaporizers are their battery lives. Some people can only get about 15 to 20 hits at best from their vaporizer. This could suffice if you’re just doing it every few hours, but if you have a particularly long vaping session, then there’s a good chance your vape could die right in the middle and require a charge.

Vaporizing enthusiasts decided that they were going to rebuild the entire inside of the vaporizer and prolong the battery life. One model, the Screwdriver made headlines as it made the batter life of the vaporizer last for upwards of 2 hours. The development of the Screwdriver inspired other vaporizing aficionados to make modifications
Another artist, Larry Ross wanted to take the battery life of the vaporizer a step further. What Larry wanted was a vaporizer that didn’t need its tank to be refilled so often. From that dream came a model of vaporizer that had a larger capacity tank on the inside.
Chris, a popular e-cig modifier liked the idea of the longer battery life of the Screwdriver, and also thought that Larry Ross’ creation of a larger tank was ideal. However the size of the vaporizers were a turn off for Chris. He wanted a more compact style of vaper without sacrificing battery life or tank capacity. He created a brand of vaporizer called “Gizmo” that combines the functionality of battery life and larger tanks, with the convenience of it being small and compact.

Box Mods don’t stop with longer lasting batteries and larger capacity tanks. People have gone as far as making custom cases for vaporizers that look like everything from Doctor Who’s Tardis to vintage dial radios. 
As time goes on, Box Mods get more and more creative. Whatever it is that you wish your vaporizer had, if you have the imagination and the time, you can make a box mod for it. Only time will tell what the next box mod creation will be.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Important Facts On Vaporizing & E-cig Mods

Vaporizing is something that is taking the world by storm. Though the subject has been in the news a lot there are still facts about it that not everyone knows. The main focus on vaporizing has been the fact that many people who smoke traditional cigarettes have switched to electronic cigarettes with vaporizers in an attempt to quit smoking all together. This has brought about mixed results for many. 

Statistics show that 70% of those who smoke have a desire to quit doing so. Of the 70% of smokers who want to quit, reportedly 42% have tried to over the course of the past year.
According to a study conducted by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine of those who smoke using a vaporizer 32% of them managed to kick the habit within six months. The study found that 70% of all frequent electronic cigarette smokers, that is to say, those who smoked over 20 a day, managed to use the electronic cigarettes to get themselves to quit smoking for good. 
A smaller percentage of smokers have tried electronic cigarettes and box mods but ultimately switched back to traditional ones. Of those who switched back, 29% did so because they were uncomfortable with the fact that not much is known about the long term effects of smoking electronic cigarettes. This is also the reason many smokers would rather avoid using a vaporizer, as it has not yet been fully determined what side effects vaping can cause. Much of the reason behind this is that anti- smoking groups have misled people on the dangers of vaping. 
Proof that there are many widely unknown facts about electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers lies in the fact that not everyone realizes that an electronic cigarette is a very small vaporizer. Another fact not everyone realizes is that electronic cigarettes do not lead to second hand vapor. When one smokes an electronic cigarette those around them inhale 10 times less nicotine than they would with traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes and box mod vapes are proven to not cause those around a smoker to be subjected to inhaling dangerous chemicals. 
Though many people don’t realize it or don’t believe it, smoking electronic cigarettes is almost always less expensive than smoking traditional ones. After the initial purchase of the electronic cigarette itself all smokers have to do is purchase additional e-cigarette liquids as needed and these liquids are generally cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. The amount of nicotine in e-cigarette liquid can be controlled by the user, which makes this a very desirable alternative to traditional cigarettes for many smokers. 

The liquid used in both electronic cigarettes and box mods have only four ingredients in it, and three of them are not harmful to a person’s health. The four ingredients e-cigarette liquids have are Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene glycol, food grade flavoring and of course, nicotine. Vegetable Glycerin is an ingredient in toothpaste as well. Propylene is a safe solvent and food grade flavoring is simply what is used to make candy and bake desserts.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Quick Overview of Mechanical Vape Mods


      Mechanical vape mods are a very simple product with a very simple concept. They are nothing more than a tube that has a button attached to it which is used to hold a re-chargeable battery that is easily replaced. A typical mechanical vape mod includes a screw at the bottom and one at the top. The one located on the top comes in contact with the atomizer as well as the positive end of the battery. The one located on the bottom comes in contact with the battery’s negative end. Pressing the switch on a mechanical version is all it takes to send a current to the atomizer that result in the release of vapor.

      Using a mechanical vape kit is common among those who prefer to use a re-buildable atomizers. Other types of vape mods are not as convenient as the mechanical vaporizer. This type of vape mod is also good for providing low resistance vaping. Unlike other types of vaping mods, mechanical ones don’t drain the battery very fast. They don’t have the limitations other types such as the box mod vapes. The resistance of the object does not negatively affect its ability to fire up the e-liquids that cause the vape released from an electronic cigarette. However, because mechanical vape is a low resistance machine it has a tendency to put an increased amount of stress on the battery compared to other types of units. Low resistance vaping always has the ability to lead to the battery dying which which is the last thing anyone wants.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Types Of Personal Vaporizers

Personal vaporizers have become popular among smokers as many of them move away from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. One reason for this is that smokers have many more choices available to them this way. 
Those who are just starting out with electronic cigarettes, as well as heavy smokers, often turn to the most basic personal vaporizers. Basic vaporizers are meant to power the electronic cigarettes so that a user can smoke them. They are already programmed when an individual purchased them. Users will find that the most basic of vaporizers have larger batteries and fewer buttons on them, making them ideal for beginners. Since the batteries are bigger than the ones for other types they generally last 30% longer than the next smallest batteries would. Basic personal vaporizers make it possible to charge an e-cigarette with a USB connection. The one downside to using a basic vaporizer is that users can’t control the strength of their vape.
Other smokers use advanced personal vaporizers. These are still very easy to use but offer features basic vaporizers don’t and have more power than they do. 
Another type of personal vaporizers popular with users include rebuildables known as RBA or RDA. These are the most high end vaporizers that regular electronic cigarette smokers use. Also sometimes referred to as mechanical mods, rebuildable vaporizers are the strongest on the market and can easily be customized to meet the needs of individual users. Customizable personal vaporizers let users choose the size of the battery they use as well as the kind of tank and the color of the vaporizer. Users can usually add on extras such as dual tank atomizers and even a wall charger. 
For environmentally conscious electronic cigarette smokers, dry leaf and herbal vaporizers are a popular alternative to the more common vaporizers. Dry leaf and herbal vaporizers are used with loose leaf oils and herbs. These dry herb vaporizers can be purchased in a variety of different sizes from portable to desktop size. The desktop vaporizers are the most ideal for use at home and they are not likely to leave behind a mess. A desktop vaporizer comes with a balloon, mouth piece or plastic tube in which users get the vapor through. A plastic tube is the most commonly found in desktop vaporizers. 
With the influx of medical marijuana users in today’s world there is now the option of purchasing a portable marijuana pen vaporizer. Medical marijuana vaporizers come with a wick, metal coil and a small ceramic bowl. To use these vaporizers properly wicks should be soaked. This can be done by putting a dab of solution onto the wick and letting it soak in or just put the solution directly into the vaporizer’s tank. When solid concentrates like wax are used it is important to make sure the lid of the tank remains open. 
These are users’ choices when it comes to types of personal vaporizers. No matter which type a user chooses they will find that personal vaporizers are beneficial.

Monday, January 5, 2015

E-cigarette & Mods – Say Hello to Healthy Smoking Habits!

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes were initially dismissed as a passing fad, because no one actually thought there could ever be a harmless alternative to smoking. Prior to e-cigarettes and box mod vaporizers, there were a lot of experimentation in this area, but the outcome always remained zero and unsatisfactory.
What is an electronic cigarette?
As is evident from the name, an electronic cigarette is an instrument closely designed to resemble the look and feel of a real cigarette, but without the harmful effects induced by nicotine. Smokers usually find it tough to resist the cravings of tobacco, which is why an e-cigarette will provide the same flavor that curbs the urges and ensures that nothing dangerous is inhaled by the person. It contains a battery and an atomizer along with a nicotine chamber that enables the user to inhale and exhale smoke just as they would do in the case of a real cigarette. The glow at the end is usually a small LED, while a vaporized version of smoke is produced by box mod vaporizers or mechanical mods.

What is vaping?

As stated above, there is no real smoke in an e-cigarette – it is just the vapor that creates the illusion. This phenomenon is referred to as “vaping” instead of smoking since the nicotine present inside is vaporized before being released into the air. Mods help to regulate the amount of vapor produced, so the quality of mod is important here – the vaping improves significantly depending upon the mod that is used.
Why are E-cigs and Box mods becoming so popular?
The e-cigarette has caught on fast because it has allowed smokers to cope with their habits in a healthy way. The product has been suggested by quite a few doctors to ardent smokers who wish to lessen and eventually quit smoking. Another benefit is that you can safely use an electronic cigarette in public as it doesn’t emit smoke or toxic substances. They don’t pose a threat to the environment and are extremely economical as well. Some might argue that an e-cigarette is more costly than a traditional one – if you consider it on a per unit basis then it is true, but you should take the long-term calculations into account that will clearly prove the former is a much cheaper alternative.
There are several dealers online who sell e-cigarettes and even box mod vaporizers and mechanical mods separately. Place your order soon – it is a guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Best Overall Box Mod Vapes

The use of vaporizers has been steadily on the rise since the early 2000s, as they continue evolve as a viable replacement for smoking cigarettes. Although the FDA does not officially allow venders of vapes to claim electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to actual smoking, there are several facts that every consumer should definitely be aware of. First and most importantly, vaporizers contain only four chemicals, versus the 4,000 chemicals and known carcinogens found in regular cigarettes. Vaporizers also leave no residual, foul smell and are allowed in public places. For this reason, vaping does not have the same social stigma as smoking and has become an appealing option in a society that is no long smoke friendly. There are many different devices to choose from when it comes to vaporizers. One of the most popular designs, as of late are box mod vapes. Mods are considered variable wattage devices, which means they allow their users to to have maximum control of how much cloud they create and the length of the throat hit.
So how does one determine which box mod is the perfect choice? Taking into account functionality, design and affordability, we’ve put together a list of the best overall box mod vapes on the market.
This mod makes our list for its price and great vapor output. The IPV2 features a variable wattage from 7W to 50W, allowing for bigger clouds than its older counterpart, the IPV V1. It has a sleek and modern look, as it’s made out of all aluminum, which is also improves its design score. It uses the standard 18650 battery (although battery choices such as a VTC5 are possible), and has a USB port for convenient charging.
The IPV2 50W is also a terrific deal when you compare the prices of other similar yet much more expensive box mod vapes such as the VaporShark DNA 30. The IPV2 can be purchased at the bargain price of $99.95 at authorized dealers such as 
The Sigelei 150W is on our list for its polished appearance and power variation. This mod requires two 18650 batteries and runs from 10W to 150W, easily making it one of the most powerful vapes on the market and a great choice for true cloud chasers. It only weighs about a half a pound, and features three surface buttons, with an adjustable pin on the other side. There’s also a digital readout for anyone that worries about battery life.
The Sigelei 150W Box Mod is currently on the market for about $114.95. Authorized dealers usually offer a three month warranty with the product, which makes it well worth the money.
The last item on our list is the Cana Modz DNA 30 by Cloupor. This product runs on a variable wattage from 7W to 30W, uses the standard 18650 battery and has a stunning stainless steel outer casing. The cana modz also comes in four different colors, for those who wish to customize their device.
In terms of quality for price, you won’t find a better deal, since the cost which was originally around $89.95 in most stores, is now on sale for $69.95 on select dealers websites.